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If you’re experiencing ringing in your ears, it can have a significant impact on your day-to-day life – that’s why you should never ignore the symptoms of tinnitus. Tinnitus may be caused by an injury to the ear or head, or as a result of aging, but no matter what causes your tinnitus, it should always be diagnosed and treated by a specialist. At The Hearing Center at ENT Specialists’ three locations in Bingham Farms, Brighton, and Novi, MI, tinnitus evaluations can help diagnose and treat your symptoms and reduce the persistent ringing in your ears.

What is Tinnitus?

The Buzz about Tinnitus

Tinnitus is the name for hearing noises that are not caused by an outside source. These noises can have many different forms (ringing, hissing, buzzing, etc.) and levels of loudness (from very soft to extremely loud). The noise can be either in one or both ears. The noise may be constant or intermittent, steady or pulsating.

Proper diagnosis and treatment for tinnitus may require a comprehensive audiological evaluation by an audiologist. Testing may include: speech recognition test, pure tone audiogram, tympanogram, acoustic reflex testing, and otoacoustic emission testing. If you are suffering from tinnitus and want to take action against it, visit The Hearing Center at ENT Specialists today.

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What are the benefits of an evaluation for tinnitus?

Know the Road Ahead

Many people experience ringing or buzzing in their ears at some point. However, when it persists for more than a few days or weeks and causes major annoyance, it could be due to tinnitus. An ear specialist from The Hearing Center will conduct a comprehensive ear examination and evaluate any potential risk factors related to your hearing health. During the visit, we’ll also discuss how we can help reduce or eliminate your tinnitus symptoms as well as answer any questions you may have regarding treatment options available at our office.

Am I a candidate for a tinnitus evaluation?

A Persistent Distraction

Tinnitus is an extremely common symptom for people who have experienced some type of hearing loss, though most cases of tinnitus are not caused by hearing loss. Symptoms can be mild or severe and may begin immediately or develop over time. Many people with tinnitus notice it mostly in certain situations, such as when they are trying to fall asleep or concentrate. A few experience it 24 hours a day.

No matter what your severity, if you're experiencing tinnitus to the point where you find it distracting or inconvenient, schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists at the Hearing Center at ENT Specialists.

The Tinnitus Evaluation Process

Experience + Guidance

Although tinnitus is not technically a disease, it can still be difficult on you. A comprehensive evaluation process can lead to an accurate diagnosis of your tinnitus and identify ways to manage it. The evaluation process may include questions about your medical history and certain medications you’re taking; a hearing test; an audiological exam; or a physical exam by your doctor. During these exams, we also might look for other conditions such as high blood pressure or stress that could be contributing to tinnitus.

Tinnitus Evaluation Results

A Way Forward

Once you've undergone a thorough tinnitus evaluation, there are several treatment options available. Most people will benefit from one or more types of treatment but which treatments work best depends on each individual case. Some treatments involve devices that emit sound into your ear canal (e.g., Tinnitus maskers), while others involve changes to lifestyle habits (e.g., avoiding loud noises). You should consult with an otolaryngologist who specializes in treating tinnitus if you're interested in finding out what type of treatment will work best for you.

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Schedule a Consultation for Tinnitus Evaluation at The Hearing Center

The staff at The Hearing Center at ENT Specialists is here to help you manage your tinnitus symptoms. We offer evaluation and treatment services for all types of ear disorders, including tinnitus, in Brighton, Bingham Farms, and Novi, MI. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Tinnitus Frequently Asked Questions

If you have tinnitus, you should avoid being constantly exposed to loud noises because it can make your symptoms worse. Similarly, if you have tinnitus and are prone to anxiety or depression, you should know that tinnitus can worsen these issues and seek appropriate self care. In addition to avoiding triggers like stress, you should also reduce your intake of caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, and salt because they can worsen symptoms.

Tinnitus does not go away on its own. Without proper treatment, tinnitus can even become worse as time passes.


What will the world sound like to you after a visit to The Hearing Center? The only way to find out is to schedule a consultation. Our audiologists are ready to listen to your concerns and find the right treatment to improve your hearing and unlock a new world of possibilities in your daily life. We look forward to hearing from you!