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Hearing Loss in Novi and Brighton at The Hearing Center

Hearing loss can affect anyone and at any point during a person’s life. It affects different people to varying degrees and for different reasons and can be triggered by any number of environmental and biological factors. Because the loss typically develops gradually, you may not notice the loss of subtle everyday sounds such as a ticking clock or a rustling newspaper. Before you realize it, you are missing sounds critical to effective communication.If you are concerned in any way about your hearing, schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists at The Hearing Center with ENT Specialists in Novi, Brighton, or Bingham Farms.

What are the different types of hearing loss?

The Where Matters

Living with untreated loss means difficulties in conversations with loved ones at social gatherings and work settings. Untreated hearing loss makes it challenging to keep up with everyday life. Treatment can lead to a better quality of life by improving personal relationships, reducing anger and frustration, and providing better control of one’s life.

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What are the symptoms of hearing loss?

Struggling to hear and follow a conversation all the time is exhausting on both the mind and body. A hearing loss may cause a headache or exhaustion you experience during a regular day. Noise masking and speech comprehension might be difficult for those with hearing loss.

"What?" is a common question you ask others or yourself. No matter how close you were to your coworker, if you couldn't hear what they were saying, or if you are continually turning up the volume on your phone, it may indicate you have hearing loss.

The rest of the household thinks your television is too loud. It might be difficult to follow television shows when music is playing over the talking. Turning the TV louder doesn't always help to make the sound clearer. To find out if these or any other symptoms concerning you are hearing loss, schedule a consultation with one of our audiologists at The Hearing Center.


Hearing loss is generally categorized by location—that is, what part of the ear is damaged—as well as by severity and age of onset. There are three main types of loss: conductive, sensorineural, and a combination of both, known as mixed hearing loss. Download AIS-Hearing-Loss-Types-Degree-Configuration here.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss results from sound waves being conducted through the outer and/or middle ear inefficiently. Sound waves are blocked or muffled before they can reach the inner ear, which is still functioning properly. Conductive hearing loss can frequently be treated with medication or surgery. Conductive hearing loss in adults is much less common and much more common in children.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Mixed hearing loss is the combination of conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, which can involve damage in the outer, middle, and inner ear simultaneously.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sensorineural hearing loss results from damage to the inner ear (cochlea) or the nerve pathways that transmit sound information to the brain. The normal aging process and exposure to loud noise can lead to sensorineural loss. Generally, sensorineural loss cannot be reversed and is not treatable with surgery or medication – but it can be significantly improved through the use of HEARING AIDS.

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is generally considered a form of or a sub-category of sensorineural loss. This is one of the most common types of loss, and, fortunately, it is also the most preventable. Onset is gradual, painless, and frequently undetectable until significant hearing loss has occurred.

Hearing Loss Testing and Treatment

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It might be challenging to sort through all the possibilities for hearing loss testing and treatments. Existing tests and treatments are continually being improved, and new ones are being developed thanks to technological advances. Different hearing loss tests are various in terms of what they examine and the information they offer. Your doctor's choice of hearing loss tests is influenced by the patient's overall health and the specific kind of hearing loss being assessed. Once a proper diagnosis is established, our audiologists can better treat your particular case. At The Hearing Center in Novi, we treat the individual patient to their needs.

How can I prevent hearing loss?

Protect Your Ears

Our ability to hear depends on hair-like cells in the inner ear, which are extremely sensitive to changes in blood flow. Hearing loss can be avoided to a greater extent if you have a generally healthy lifestyle. You should quit smoking and vaping, and restrict your alcohol consumption. Exercising benefits your whole health, including your ears, as well as your heart and lungs. Don't let the tension get out of hand, as it might hurt your hearing ability.

It is essential to consume meals rich in specific vitamins and minerals, such as B12, potassium, and magnesium. Damage to the delicate systems inside your ear that aid in hearing can be caused by conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. Knowing your family history won't prevent hearing loss, but it will let you know whether you have a higher-than-average chance of developing the condition in the future. Hearing loss can cause cognitive deterioration, despair, and social isolation if it isn't detected early enough.

Additional Reading

No matter how healthy you are or how many salads a day you scarf down, you still have a chance of hearing impairment if you don't use hearing protection in noisy places. If you're going to be exposed to loud sounds, it's always a good idea to use earplugs to protect your hearing. Nothing is more detrimental to your hearing than loud music.

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Your hearing loss is important to us. The audiologists at The Hearing Center in Novi, Brighton and Bingham Farms, MI, pride themselves on looking at every possible solution rather than simply selling hearing aids. The advancements in technology to help those with hearing loss have skyrocketed past where we thought they would go. Schedule your consultation today so that we can begin to restore and correct your hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on the situation. Hearing loss can occur as soon as a person is exposed to loud noise for the first time. In certain circumstances, symptoms may build up over a long period of time. Most studies show that considerable noise-induced hearing loss occurs after ten or more years of noise exposure.

There is no medical or surgical solution for noise-induced hearing loss. Damaged hair cells do not regenerate. You should strive to safeguard your hearing as much as possible. If you suffer from hearing loss, you should take precautions to prevent it from worsening.


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