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Hearing Aid Servicesin Novi, Michigan

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Hearing Aid Services in Novi, MI, with The Hearing Center

Singing birds. Your favorite songs. Your spouse saying, "I love you." A spring thunderstorm. These are a few of the countless noises we frequently take for granted. Unfortunately, hearing loss may make you feel like an outsider in your own life.

We recognize how essential your hearing is to your quality of life and your health and happiness at The Hearing Center with ENT Specialists. We can assist you in restoring your hearing so that you can continue doing what you like, such as going to work, watching movies, or playing with your kids or grandkids without hearing aid services. Discover what we've achieved for other hearing-loss patients near Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, Michigan. We've helped hundreds of individuals recover ownership of their lives via our audiologists. In addition, our hearing technology and sound guidance might help make speech clearer.

What are hearing aid services?

Your Personal Hearing Team

Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all, one-time purchase. It takes skillfully trained audiologists to be able to sort through all the options you have, make sure they fit perfectly and program them to work for your specific needs. Even after that, hearing aids will need regular maintenance, including cleaning, repairs, and adjustments, as your hearing needs may change.

The Hearing Center wants you to feel like a partner in your hearing. You are now a part of our team in ensuring you never miss the punchline of a joke or have to keep asking for the TV to be turned up. We provide plenty of options for hearing aids, including basic amplifiers, Comfort Audio-Duett, and app-controlled Bluetooth hearing aids. We want to ensure that you have options for every need and lifestyle.

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Am I a good candidate for hearing aid services?

If you have any reason to believe that you may be suffering from hearing loss, you may wonder if purchasing a hearing aid is in the near future. An audiogram is a test that is used to detect the quietest noises you can hear, and it is measured in decibels. Your audiologist, also known as a hearing specialist, will use this test to assess your level of hearing loss. Your audiologist may also evaluate how well you can understand spoken words despite the presence of background noise. Your need for a hearing aid will be directly proportional to the degree of hearing loss that you are experiencing.

What are the benefits of hearing aid services?

Don't Miss A Word

The use of hearing aids eases the stress on your ears. In addition, hearing aids now provide enhanced clarity thanks to advancements in digital technology. If your hearing loss is only in one ear, you can get by with just using one hearing aid. Some advantages of using two hearing aids are as follows:

Localization is the capacity to pinpoint the source of an acoustic event. The brain has a hard time pinpointing the location of a sound if the information it receives from each ear is drastically different in terms of timing, volume, and pitch.

Your brain partners with your ears. You don't only utilize your ears when you listen; your brain also participates in the process by sending signals to your auditory nerve and stimulating the cells there. The cells in your brain that process sound may deteriorate if you have never heard anything on one side.

Improved hearing in loud environments thanks to two microphones, which block out most ambient noise. This feature will be handy if the hearing aid user has more than one device. When just one ear receives directed and amplified sound, the listener still has trouble distinguishing between speech and environmental noise on the side of the head where the aid is not placed.

When someone speaks to you from the direction of your unassisted ear, their sound will weaken as it travels to your aided ear (sometimes as much as 20 decibels). In addition, in a noisy environment, it may be difficult to distinguish individual voices with just one hearing aid.

Your Hearing Aid Services Process

Custom Fit

After you and your hearing care specialist talk about your needs, you will usually be given a few options at different prices. In some cases, you may be able to try out a hearing aid by wearing it for a few hours or even days. Once you've decided, the hearing care professional will order your choice and set up a time for you to come back to program the hearing aids for the first time. If you choose a custom-fit ITE style or a BTE style with an earmold, your audiologist will take an impression of your ear canal to send with the order.

When your hearing aid gets to the hearing center, a professional will hook it up to the computer and set it up for your hearing loss and preferences. Some professionals choose to do the programming before you arrive, while others prefer to do it while you're there. Many providers use real-ear measurements to ensure the amplification levels are correct.

Hearing Aid Services Results

Hearing for Your Lifestyle

Once your hearing aid is in place, you'll hear many sounds you haven't heard in years. In fact, you might think at first that everything is too loud. It will take time for your brain to relearn which sounds to ignore, like the sound of your footsteps or the rustle of your clothes. But don't worry—your hearing care professional will do some tests to make sure that the hearing aid is set up correctly for your hearing loss. You will also be shown how to change the battery, use any features, clean, and take care of your hearing aid. If you opt for an app-controlled hearing aid, your hearing specialist will help you connect and show you how to control your app.

Additional Reading

It takes time to get used to hearing aids. Some people can get accustomed to hearing aids in a day or two, but most need a few weeks to a few months. So remember to wear them, even if it's just for a few hours the first day, an hour longer the next day, and so on, until you wear them all day.

Most hearing aids have a "default" setting to pick up speech in quiet places. But sound is much more complicated in the real world, especially if you are a musician or work in a noisy place. Your hearing care provider can help you add custom settings to your hearing aid, such as music settings.

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Take Charge of Your Hearing

Missing parts of conversations, asking "What?" frequently, and turning up the volume on your TV, these things can be frustrating for you. So take charge of your hearing and let The Hearing Center in Novi, Brighton and Bingham Farms, MI, join your team. We offer hearing aid services and many other options to ensure you have the best quality of life possible. Schedule your consultation today.

Hearing Aid Services Frequently Asked Questions

It might take up to four months to get used to and benefit from hearing aids. Small changes will appear immediately, but be patient. Call your hearing specialist if you have questions regarding your progress.

Hearing loss may progress with or without hearing aids. Without hearing aids, your hearing won't necessarily worsen, but your speech comprehension will.


What will the world sound like to you after a visit to The Hearing Center? The only way to find out is to schedule a consultation. Our audiologists are ready to listen to your concerns and find the right treatment to improve your hearing and unlock a new world of possibilities in your daily life. We look forward to hearing from you!