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Assisted Listening & Wireless Connectivity Devicesin Novi and Brighton, Michigan

Assisted Listening & Wireless Connectivity Devices in Novi and Brighton

More Than Just Hearing Aids

These days' hearing aids are genuinely miniaturization masterpieces, cramming many cutting-edge features into a surprisingly small device. Hearing aids are a testing ground for cutting-edge technology because of the constraints placed on designers. Researchers are now focusing on how hearing aids can integrate with other devices in a larger ecosystem, made possible by the widespread availability of wireless communication and other "wearable" technology.

The Hearing Center provides Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms residents with assisted listening & wireless connectivity devices with Bluetooth technologies that can transform how you communicate with your surroundings. Schedule your consultation on how we can improve your hearing with more than just hearing aids.

What are assisted listening and wireless connectivity devices?

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Assistive devices are any gadget, other than hearing aids, that helps a deaf or hard of hearing person communicate more effectively by direct sound amplification or visual or vibrotactile warnings. Television and telephone assistance, alerting or signaling devices, and personal or wide area assistive listening systems are all assistive equipment. Assistive devices are sometimes auxiliary aids, assistive listening devices, or ALDs.

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Am I a good candidate for assisted listening and wireless connectivity devices?

Assistive technology can help people with hearing loss communicate and comprehend. Assistive gadgets can improve telephone communication or TV viewing for persons with mild hearing loss who don't want a hearing aid.

Assistive devices can assist personal hearing aids for persons with severe hearing loss by improving communication in some settings and alerting them to noises and situations they may not hear in poor circumstances or when the aids are removed. Assistive devices can enhance telecommunication accessibility and television enjoyment, or detect and identify ambient disturbances for persons with substantial or total hearing loss. Businesses use assistive technology to help clients and workers with hearing loss. Assistive devices satisfy ADA regulations and achieve "communication accessibility."

Your Assisted Listening and Wireless Connectivity Devices Options

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While there are many options for ALDs, the titles given to assistive devices by medical practitioners vary depending on the item's primary use. When there is a lot of ambient noise, using an ALD can magnify the sounds that are important to you. When combined with a hearing aid or cochlear implant, ALDs improve a person's ability to hear certain sounds. People with trouble communicating can benefit significantly from augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) equipment. A graphic board is one example, while another is a computer application that creates synthetic speech from text. Deaf and hard of hearing people can be made aware of a happening by a doorbell, phone, or alarm that sends a loud sound or flashing light.

Assisted Listening & Wireless Connectivity Devices Results

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Assistive listening devices (ALDs) allow people to communicate in noisy environments by amplifying only the sounds they need to hear. This improves the efficiency with which the signal containing the desired sound is sent to the listener's ear, allowing for better hearing in noisy environments. Individual ALDs can be used by those with varying degrees of hearing loss, regardless of whether or not they also use a personal hearing aid. When used with a hearing aid, ALDs increase the device's "reach," making it feasible for the user to hear and communicate in environments they previously would not have been able to. When deciding on the best assistive listening device for a given scenario, it is vital to consider each available technology's features, capabilities, benefits, and drawbacks.

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At The Hearing Center, we want to maximize your abilities and remove the limitations of your hearing loss. Please schedule a consultation with us at our Novi, Brighton, or Bingham Farms location to find out how assisted listening & wireless connectivity devices can reshape your world.

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Assisted Listening & Wireless Connectivity DevicesFrequently Asked Questions

Assistive listening devices are classified into five types: auditory induction loops (also known as hearing loops), FM systems, infrared systems, personal amplification systems, and Bluetooth systems. The best gadget for you may be determined by your hearing loss and the location where you require communication access.

Some devices help alert people in different situations, such as babies crying, smoke detectors, telephone, or carbon monoxide.


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