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Earwax Removalin Novi and Brighton, MI

Earwax Removal in Novi and Brighton, MI

Clear the Blockage

Your ears naturally create earwax, which may seem slightly unpleasant, but it's pretty normal. This yellow waxy coating is a barrier, keeping harmful bacteria and debris out. Earwax plays an essential role in maintaining the health and cleanliness of the ear canal when it is at a healthy level. This is because a built-in mechanism in the ear moves debris away from the inner ear, where it may do the greatest damage. But sometimes, earwax accumulates to the point that it becomes a problem. The Hearing Center in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms ensures that they do everything to protect your hearing before it becomes a problem, including earwax removal. Schedule your earwax removal consultation to learn how we can help you.

What is Earwax?

Improve Your Hearing

Earwax, sometimes called cerumen, is secreted by glands in your ear canal. When earwax becomes stuck, it restricts the ear canal. Earwax naturally lubricates the ear canals and prevents dust and debris from entering too far. While earwax usually clears itself, it can become stuck and obstruct the ear. Several symptoms may necessitate your ENT doctor's attention. If you or someone you know has any of the following symptoms, call ENT Specialists in Novi or Brighton immediately.

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What are the benefits of earwax removal?

The workings of your ears are primarily internal and are best cleaned out by a professional. An ENT specialist can perform safe procedures that won't complicate your condition. Left untreated, earwax can cause a variety of more severe issues and damage hearing aids if you wear them. Your best bet is to see an otolaryngology professional assess the situation and perform an ear wax extraction.

Am I a good candidate for earwax removal?

Ear Relief

Suppose you are suffering Symptoms that include pressure, ear pain, muffled hearing or overall discomfort. In that case, you should consider scheduling an appointment with an ENT specialist at The Hearing Center in Novi or Brighton. If you have any of these symptoms, you must make an appointment with your primary care physician as soon as possible. In many cases, the symptoms may indicate another health problem. After you have contacted your ENT doctor, they will be able to inspect your ear to determine whether the problem is a buildup of earwax or something else entirely. It is crucial to remember that even if there are a lot of tried-and-true methods for removing earwax at home, the most reliable way is to visit an ENT specialist.

Ear Wax Symptoms

Ease Your Pain

You can't see inside the ear to determine how much wax is present. However, keep an eye out for the following indicators of excessive earwax accumulation to decide whether or not it's necessary to see an ENT:

If the wax is pressing on the eardrum, your ear may suffer. Furthermore, excessive wax might lead to the development of an ear infection. Hearing loss occurs when accumulation in the ear canal creates a physical barrier that prevents sound waves from reaching the inner ear. One of the most common reasons for temporary hearing loss is ear wax buildup. When extra earwax irritates the eardrum, you may experience dizziness, vertigo, nausea, or feeling off-balance. You may experience itching in the ear canal due to irritation from extra wax or a blockage. Tinnitus can be caused by earwax. However, some people find that removing extra earwax relieves the ringing feeling. Because the throat, sinuses, and ears are all related, coughing can be caused by various factors. For example, excessive ear wax can irritate nerves in the ear that connect to the throat, resulting in a dry cough. Typically, the symptoms begin slowly and steadily worsen with time. You may only notice one or two indicators of earwax buildup. Some people are unaware of the symptoms until a doctor examines their ears and detects significant wax accumulation.

Your Earwax Removal Procedure

Keep Cotton Swabs Away

A cotton swab is the method of choice for many people to clean their ears. Even though this may sometimes be helpful, there is a risk that it can force wax or debris farther into your ear, which might result in infections, hearing loss, or even a ruptured eardrum. Because of this, it is vital to have ear cleaning and wax removal performed by a competent medical professional whenever necessary.

At The Hearing Center, we provide a variety of treatment options so that we can assist you with cleaning or unclogging your ears. First, one of our medical professionals will inspect your ears to determine the severity of the wax buildup. When examining and cleaning the ears, a microscope is used so that the ear canal may be seen more clearly. The first technique involves using a tiny, curved instrument called a "curet." This is placed into the ear canal and hooks onto the wax, making it much simpler to extract. Suction is another method that can be used. Another approach is to soften the wax and remove it using a syringe or water pick.

Earwax removal is usually performed fast - you will be done with the procedure in a few minutes. The appointment time is determined by the intensity and amount of wax that needs to be removed.

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Experts on Earwax

Excess earwax does not always create difficulties. You may have some discomfort, but excessive earwax does not interfere with your everyday activities. However, if the earwax causes discomfort or hearing loss, you should consult a doctor about treatment alternatives. Professional treatment can help avoid future issues. Contact The Hearing Center to schedule a consultation for expert earwax removal. Patients trust our services in and around Detroit; we have convenient offices in Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms, MI.

Earwax Removal Results

Cleaner and Clearer

A professional ear cleaner will utilize safe and efficient methods for breaking down and removing stubborn wax from your ears. Clearer hearing and relief from ear discomfort are two benefits you should experience after cleaning your ears. The quality of your hearing may also increase.

Ear Wax Removal Frequently Asked Questions

Although these treatments are generally painless, you may suffer slight discomfort during the visit. Some people experience minimal pain during wax removal if the wax is deep and affected.

One of the most prevalent causes of hearing loss is wax buildup. Attempts to clean the ear with cotton swabs are frequently to blame. Unfortunately, most cotton swab cleaning methods only push the wax deeper into the ear canal, resulting in a blockage.


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