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BiCROS Hearing Aidsin Novi, Michigan

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Novi, Michigan BiCROS Hearing Aids at The Hearing Center

When you have hearing loss in one ear, you can end up missing half of your conversations with friends and family, as well as being less aware of your surroundings. The Hearing Center with ENT Specialists PC in Novi, Michigan, utilizes BiCROS hearing aids. By scheduling a consultation today, you are taking your first step to hear everything around you again. We have proudly served the Novi, Brighton, and Bingham Farms area for over 20 years.

What are BiCROS hearing aids?

Hear the Whole Conversation

BiCROS hearing aids, which stand for Bilateral Contralateral Routing of Signals, are similar to CROS devices, but they are developed for those with hearing loss in their good ear. As a result, the gadget worn by the good ear hears noises from the poor ear while amplifying all incoming sound signals. BiCROS systems are composed of one typical hearing aid in the good ear coupled to a transmitter worn in the impaired ear.

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What are the benefits of BiCROS hearing aids?

The Most Advanced Technology

People with single-sided deafness (SSD) may now access sound from their poor side, thanks to BiCROS hearing devices. They use the fact that you have two ears, but with the development of a wireless audio connection, no physical line is required for the two components to communicate.

In a similar way that traditional hearing aids magnify sounds, they also allow you to be more aware of other noises around you. These hearing aids may take some time to adjust to. To give your adjustment the most significant opportunity, use your hearing aids all the time or as much as feasible.

Am I a good candidate for BiCROS hearing aids?

The Clearest Hearing

Most people with SSD can benefit from modern BiCROS devices. Potential candidates will have one ear that cannot be helped by standard hearing aids and one ear that understands speech well at normal or increased volumes. The superior hearing ear might be normal or have a hearing loss. It is appropriate for those who want to hear more clearly when others talk to their worse ear but do not want surgery.

Your BiCROS Hearing Aid Consultation

Communication is Key

Your process to better hearing starts with your consultation with one of our audiologists at The Hearing Center. During your consultation, your hearing will be tested and examined to determine the extent of your hearing loss. If your Audiologist prescribes hearing aids, the procedure does not end there. Fitting is also vital since it entails programming your hearing aids and making changes to deliver the appropriate amplification levels for your specific hearing loss. While hearing aids may enhance your communication skills, it is crucial to recognize that they are not a cure for hearing loss and have some restrictions. Knowing what to expect will help you get the most out of your equipment. To achieve long-term success, it is critical to have reasonable expectations regarding hearing aids.

BiCROS Hearing Aid Fitting

The Perfect Fit

Your Audiologist will check the physical fit at The Hearing Center in Novi to ensure that they are comfortable and fit well in your ears. They will then be customized and modified in accordance with your hearing loss and lifestyle requirements. Finally, the hearing aids will be inserted into your ears and switched on, allowing your Audiologist to measure the volume levels to confirm that you are hearing the entire spectrum of sounds.

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Schedule your Bingham Farms, Brighton or Novi BiCROS hearing aid consultation with The Hearing Center today

There’s a Symphony Around You

With so many alternatives available, booking an appointment for a hearing test and discussing your options further with one of our experienced audiologists is the best approach to see whether you are a candidate for BiCROS and which option best matches your needs. The Hearing Center prides itself on treating the patient and ensuring the results fit your needs and lifestyle. So schedule your consultation in Brighton, Bingham Farms or Novi, Michigan, today.

BiCROS Hearing Aid Follow-Up

We Hear You

A follow-up appointment will be made two to three weeks following your initial fitting. Your Audiologist will fine-tune and adjust your hearing aids as required at this session and address any questions you may have. Adjusting your hearing aids to their optimal performance may take some time, so that more follow-up consultations may be required.

BiCROS Hearing Aids Frequently Asked Questions

A CROS hearing aid is designed for persons who are deaf in one ear but have normal hearing in the other. A BiCROS hearing aid is similar to a CROS hearing aid, except it is designed for persons who are deaf in one ear but have hearing loss in their better ear.

Many of the noises you had forgotten become noticeable when we start wearing hearing aids. This is an eye-opening experience for some. Unfortunately, it takes time to become acclimated to hearing again, just as it took time for our hearing to deteriorate. Your Audiologist will work with you to ease you into better hearing and adjust to using hearing aids as easily as possible.


What will the world sound like to you after a visit to The Hearing Center? The only way to find out is to schedule a consultation. Our audiologists are ready to listen to your concerns and find the right treatment to improve your hearing and unlock a new world of possibilities in your daily life. We look forward to hearing from you!